Do Altitude Training Masks Work

Altitude training masks are designed to make breathing more difficult when exercising. The idea being that this strengthens your respiratory muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness and efficiency. It’s also claimed that they can simulate the effects of altitude training. But is that really the case? And do they provide any benefit for endurance athletes?… So,


Mindful Running

Mindfulness has many positive effects on health (decreased stress, anxiety and depression, improved heart health, immune and brain function). It can also improve our ability to focus, and tolerate pain, or discomfort. Recently, research has also highlighted potential for improved endurance running performance. So, can mindful running make you a faster runner? In this article,

What’s the best gradient for hill sprints?

What gradient should you use when running hill sprints? It’s a question that crops up a lot. And I don’t think there’s a clear answer to what (in theory) is quite a straight forward question. While, I’ve covered many of the different types of hill training in other articles; one area that I’ve paid less attention

4 Key Cycling Workouts For Runners

Cycling Workouts for runners

When it comes to cross training for Runners, you really can’t get much better than cycling. Not only is cycling a great alternative to running on easier days, it’s also great way to maintain running fitness when you’re injured. But that’s not all… Cycling can be an effective way to boost running performance – which


Cycling Tips For Runners

In the last article we took a look at the benefits of cycling for runners. In this article, I want to expand on that by looking at some cycling training tips to help runners get the most from cycle training. I’ve used cycle training for several years to supplement my own run training, as well


7 Benefits of Cycling for Runners

Considering adding in some cycling to your running plan? If you’re a runner looking to reduce injury risk, enhance recovery and increase running speed, then cycling is a great option. As runners it can be easy to overlook the training benefits of cross training. It’s natural to prioritise run training. This makes sense, since training should always

FTP Cycling Tests: How to measure and increase your FTP

FTP Cycling Tests: How to improve FTP

A Functional Threshold Power (FTP) cycling test is a simple, non-invasive, way of assessing your cycling performance level. As well as measuring cycling performance, it’s widely used to determine specific cycling training zones. In this article we’re going to take a look at FTP tests, how to assess FTP and look at ways to improve

Ground contact time balance: why symmetry improves running efficiency

Running Symmetry and efficiency

If you want to improve running efficiency and become a faster runner: then pay attention to your running symmetry. That’s the findings of a recent study, published in the International Journal of Exercise Science. In this article we’ll take a look at: running symmetry, why it’s important, how to assess it using ground contact time

10 Benefits of Trail Running

Trail Running Benefits

Considering including some trail running? Here’s why trail running will improve your running. Trail running can really benefit all runners. Whether you race on the road, track, cross country, or trails, including regular trail running should form a key part of your run training formula. From increased strength and stability, improved running efficiency, fewer injuries,

How Hill Sprints Improve Strength, Power and Running Speed

Hill Sprints Running Speed

To run fast we need muscles that are strong, powerful and efficient. And that’s where hill sprints come in… Hill sprints are one of the most effective running workouts for building stronger and more powerful muscles. They help to develop running cadence, stride length and running efficiency. And, by strengthening key running muscles and tendons

6 Reasons Why Runners Should Include Downhill Running Training

Downhill Running Training

Downhill running is a skill that’s often overlook. After all, downhill running’s easier so why would you need to train for that? And, if I’m being honest it’s something I’ve sometimes overlooked. But that’s a mistake. In fact, specific downhill running training can be used to boost running performance. Making you a stronger, faster, and

Long Hill Running Intervals: Improve Aerobic Capacity (VO2max) and Muscular Endurance

Long Hill VO2max Running Intervals

Long hill repeats combine the training benefits of VO2 max running intervals and muscular endurance training. They’re similar to the longer intervals that most runners are familiar with – 600, 800 or even 1000m intervals. They’re also run at a similar intensity – making these a great workout for developing aerobic fitness. There’s just one