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Interval training is one of the most time effective training techniques for improving endurance running performance. 

Interval running training articles:

High VO2max Running

Athletes with higher VO2max require shorter recoveries during interval training

There has been a large amount of research looking at the effects of different interval training sessions. Most of this has looked at the effects …

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Active recoveries intervals

Passive vs active recovery during interval training

It’s well established that interval training is a great way to improve endurance exercise performance with many coaches putting a lot of thought into the …

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Triathlon training: High intensity bike intervals improve cycling and running performance in triathletes

High intensity interval training has been traditionally used as means of improving cycling time trial performance, in fact a large number of research studies have …

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Uphill interval training improves 5km running performance

If like me you’re serious about run training then it’s likely that you include regular hill training as part of your training routine. Hill training …

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The importance of maintaining relative exercise intensity

Anyone who trains seriously knows that as your fitness improves you must increase your exercise workload in order to continue to see improvements. One of …

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