Training to Improve Endurance

Endurance can be improved using specific training that targets key areas related to endurance exercise performance. To be effective this training needs to be targeted, specific and purposeful.

The following pages provide detailed information on the different training approaches that can be used to improve endurance. In each section we take a look at the science behind the theory, the benefits of each type of training, and  how best to implement the different training types.

Aerobic Base Training

Developing a strong aerobic base is vital for success in any endurance sport. In fact, aerobic base training is key part of the endurance training formula. So what is aerobic base training? Aerobic base training refers to a phase of training that focuses on developing aerobic fitness, efficiency and conditioning.

Lactate Threshold Training

Lactate threshold training refers to any training where the primary focus is placed on developing, or improving your lactate threshold. Why is this important? Well, the lactate threshold is known to be a key predictor of endurance exercise performance, especially in events lasting 30minutes or longer.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an extremely time effective and research proven, endurance training method. HIIT workouts are particularly effective at developing maximal aerobic capacity (VO₂max), pulling up the lactate threshold, enhancing exercise efficiency and endurance exercise performance.

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Strength Training For Endurance

Sometimes, overlooked by endurance athletes, strength training is a key training method for long term success. In fact, research has clearly demonstrated that strength training improves endurance exercise in a number of sports including running, cycling, rowing, cross country skiing and swimming.

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Optimising Endurance Training

Endurance athletes use specific training in order to optimise specific areas related to endurance performance. The level of adaptation depends on a number of factors including the duration, intensity and frequency of training.

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