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Take your running to the next level, achieve consistent long term progression, reduce injury risk and enjoy a more varied and enjoyable running program. Take the guesswork out of your training and follow a proven path to faster running.

The Run Coaching Service

We provide online running coaching and custom training plans for all levels of runners. Whether you’re completely new to running, a club level athlete, or competitive age grouper we can help. We recognise that every athlete is unique and take time to learn about your running history, what training you enjoy, and your long term goals, so we can put together a plan that will work for you. Whether that’s for middle distance, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon.

We also supply training plans for duathlons and triathlons (Standard, Half and Long Distance Triathlons).

What You Can Expect

  • Customised training plan that’s unique to you and your training goals
  • Varied and unique training sessions — we only use research backed training approaches
  • Customised training zones and paces
  • We can integrate cross / strength training to compliment your running training.
  • Regular email support — have any training questions email any time
  • Regular feedback and support from your coach
  • Weekly adjustments to your training (where necessary)
  • A commitment to helping you achieve your goals
  • A focus on long term progression rather than short term results.

  • Monthly Training Plan (no commitment)
    Starts at £50
    Custom training plan, amendments, email and phone support


  • Elite Coaching Training Plan
    Starts at £75
    Unlimited support, email and phone contact and ammendments


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Georgie, S (Marathon Program Testimonial)


Marathon 2:59 (from 3:13)Half Marathon 1:28 (from 1:38)10k 40:20 (from 41:59)5K 19:05 (from 19:46)

“I have been following Anthony’s training plans from Training 4 Endurance for the last two years and have always achieved amazing results in the races I was training for.

I had great faith and confidence that deciding to go for Anthony’s plan would be a wise decision following the success on his other training plans. I had been toying with what style of training to do for the marathon for some time, especially as I had the ambitious target of a sub 3:05, with the aim of beating my last PB of 3:13. I felt confident that I achieve such a time, but I was weary at the expense it would cause me. How much ‘pain’ would running at such a speed put me through during the race? Previous marathon had always felt so gruelling and almost tortuous towards the end, so I was definitely looking for a plan which would make me stronger as well as faster. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I made the decision to go for Anthony’s plan as from as you will find out, I found out that I was capable of so much more.

So after sticking to the plan from December to April, I was rewarded with an amazing accomplishment…a sub 3-hour marathon finishing time (2:59)! I am so overjoyed with this fantastic result. It has always been an ambition of mine which I thought would take me another year of training to achieve. And what was even more amazing about the whole marathon experience was how ‘effortless’ running those 26.2 miles felt – I have NEVER ran a marathon feeling so strong before. So thanks to Anthony’s well-thought out and carefully designed marathon plan, he took my body to another level! I am so grateful for all his help, advice and support he has given me throughout my London Marathon journey.

Compared to previous marathon plans I’ve followed, I was always left feeling over-trained, fatigued, bored and unsure about the reliability of the workouts. But this time round, I actually really enjoyed my marathon training and the runs were varied, most set to running at times, not miles, and I really appreciated the technicality behind the speed sessions. Some were tough, but I knew that was what was going to make me stronger, faster and get the results I was hoping for. And whenever I had a question, Anthony was always more than happy to share his knowledge with me. He even advised me on the correct strength training workouts I should be doing to support my running, which also greatly improved my running fitness.

So if you’re wanting to improve your running fitness and race times, Anthony has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your running ambitions, and you may even achieve more than you think you are capable of, like myself. I just can’t give Anthony enough praise for all his efforts, and I am always going to remember him for how he helped me achieve my all-time running ambition of a sub three-hour marathon!”

Stuart, M (Age-Group Duathlon, Ultra-Distance Running Testimonial)

“As a former age-group duathlete, I have worked with a number of coaches over the years. The time I spent working with Anthony stands out as the most productive and enjoyable period.

At this time I was mixing up my racing of short-course duathlons with a variety of ultra distance running and multi-sport events, and Anthony dealt calmly and skilfully with what were tricky demands in drafting my training plans.

I found him to be incredibly methodical in preparing my training, really taking time to listen to and respond to my feedback and look through my Training Peaks data. And with my busy working life, he was also really responsive in structuring my training to work best with the time I had available.

Most of all Anthony was very generous with his time and energy in supporting me through my training. It is obvious he really enjoys what he does, but he mixes that passion with great technical knowledge and skill, as well as bringing his own lived experience of high level performance and achievement through a rigourous and disciplined approach to his own training.”

Martyn, P (10k and 10 mile Running Program)

“Over the last few months I’d been struggling with pace, lacking motivation and had 2 upcoming races that I wanted to PB. I’d previously used generic training plans and seen some benefit however having read about Anthony’s achievements and the useful information on the Training4Endurance website I decided to opt for a personal training plan.

He devised a 6-week plan using details from my previous runs to help me achieve my targets. Having a personal plan not only improved my motivation but also enabled me to see huge benefits in a short period of time. It enabled me to shave 1min 20 seconds off my 10k PB to 40:42 & 51 seconds off my 10 mile time to 68mins.

The personal plan has made me feel fitter and stronger in such a short amount of time something a generic plan didn’t achieve. If you’re looking to take your training / races to the next level, then I highly recommend a Training4Endurance personal training plan, you won’t regret it.”

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