Running Training Articles

Running training
Looking for information on running training?…Start here, to find links to our running articles including:
  • Free running plans – completely free to access running plans, that have helped numerous runners to achieve pbs over a range of distances from 5k to half marathon.
  • Articles looking at running intervals, the different types of hill running workouts.
  • Links to our latest running blog articles.

Running training plans

We’ve put together some free plans to help you get the most out of your training. View our Free 8-12week 10k and half marathon running plans including advanced and elite 10k and half marathon training plans. 

10k Running Plans

10km Running plans

View our FREE 8-12week 10k  running plans including the advanced 10k and elite 10k training plan.

The plans follow a periodised approach and include guidance on training volume, heart rates, tempo/threshold running, hill and interval workouts.

>> 10k Running Plans

Half Marathon Plans

Half Marathon Plans

If you’re looking for a half marathon training plan, take a look at our half marathon plans including the elite and advanced half marathon plan.

They’re completely FREE to view and as with our 10k plans follow a periodised training approach. 

>> Half Marathon Plans

How to Run a fast 5K

5km run training

Looking to run a fast 5k? Read our guide to 5k running to learn the best approaches to improving your 5k time. 

We take a look at the best approaches for 5k runners and how to include these in your training. 

>> How to Run a faster 5km

Running Intervals and Workouts

Running Intervals

Intervals are one of the most effective ways to improve endurance running performance. 

View our articles looking at intervals for runners:

Hill Repeats

Hill running has many benefits for endurance runners. We’ve put together one of the largest collections of hill running articles, looking at the best approaches to hill workouts: 


Cross Training

Considering adding in some cross training. Start with the articles looking at the benefits of cycling and 7 cycling tips for runners. Before moving on to the 4 key cycling workouts for runners.