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A collection of running articles, running training plans and links to our latest running coaching articles.

Running training plans

Free 8-12week 10k and half marathon training plans including advanced and elite 10k and half marathon training plans.

10km Running Training Plans

10km Running Plans

View our latest 8-12wk, 10k running plans.


>> 10k Running Plans

5km Running Training

5km Running

Running a fast 5k requires a combination of speed, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, running efficiency, a high VO2max. Combined with the mental strength to cope with a prolonged period of fatigue.

>> Running a faster 5km

Running Intervals and Workouts

Hill Training

Hill Training has a number of benefits for endurance runners, learn more about the benefits of hill training:

Hill Sprints – for speed, strength and power. 
Short Hill Repeats – improved speed endurance.
Tempo Hill Intervals – for lactate threshold and VO2max.
Long VO2max Hill Running Intervals – VO2max and muscular endurance.
Downhill Running Training – develop resilience and efficiency.
Incline Treadmill Hill Workouts – an effective alternative to hill running.
Benefits of Trail Running – develop strength and conditioning.

Running and Run Coaching Articles

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