10k Running Plans

If you’re looking to improve your 10k running pb, then the first step is to follow a structured running plan. Not only will this give your training more purpose, but it will help to ensure you’re not wasting valuable training time.

In this section you’ll find links to some 10k training plans that I’ve put together, using the same formula that I use with my own training.

Running a faster 10k

As with anything, if you train consistently and purposefully, using specific training you will improve your 10k running performance. The problem is, most runners don’t always run with a purpose – other than hitting their weekly mileage target. 

So what does it take to run a fast 10k time? 

Firstly we do need to run consistently, making sure to include enough running mileage – and at the right intensity – to build aerobic fitness, conditioning and improve our running efficiency.

But, that’s not enough on it’s own, we also need to include some specific training to improve our ability to sustain a good running pace throughout a 10k. And, that’s where tempo and threshold training comes in. Here we’re running at a sustained pace for longer intervals, normally lasting anywhere from 10 to 20minutes – sometimes longer.

Whilst paying attention to running mileage and improving our ability to sustain a good running pace is a very good starting point, we can take this one stage further. To do this, we can also include some specific high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Not only does HIIT training have many health benefits, but we can use this to ramp up our running performance even further. To do this, we include shorter more intense intervals, run at speeds that are faster than our current 10k, and often closer to our 5k running pace.

Occasionally, we may also include even faster intervals along with specific hill running training to provide additional strength training benefits. 

The important point is, we do need to include some significantly faster training.  On top of that, there needs to be a purpose to these sessions. 

Whilst, running fast intervals are beneficial, to get the most from these they need to be specific, purposeful and targeted towards our own individual goals.

Below I’ve included links to some 10k running training plans that, I’ve put together to help you to improve your 10k running performance. 

8-12 Week 10k Running Plans

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10k Running Plan Moderate

The moderate 10k running plan is for runners who've consistently run 20-25miles/week and have some experience of intervals, hill running training, threshold training. Ideally, with experience of completing 1-2 quality workouts per week.

10k Intermediate Plan

The Intermediate 10k plan is for runners with a history of consistently running 25-35miles/week. Ideally, with experience of running 1-2 quality training sessions per week, such as hills, intervals, and threshold/tempo training runs.

10k Running Plan Advanced

The Advanced 10k running plan is aimed at runners with a strong base level of running fitness. Who've consistently run 45+miles/week, including 2-3 quality training sessions per week such as intervals, hills and threshold runs.

10k Running Plan Elite

The Elite 10k running plan is aimed at runners that have consistently run 50-60miles/week of training. Ideally, you should be used to running 2-3 quality training sessions per week, including intervals, hills, and threshold training.