Sports and Exercise Science

In the Sport and exercise Science section you can find links to articles covering areas related to sports and exercise science.

The Components of Sports and Exercise Fitness

The Components of Fitness – a look at the major components of fitness that contribute to health and sports performance.

What is endurance – the components and factors that contribute to endurance exercise performance.

Lactate Threshold – the science behind the lactate threshold and why it’s important for success in endurance sports.

VO2 MAX – a look at the the importance of VO2 max for health and sports performance.

Exercise Economy / Exercise Efficiency – the factors affecting exercise efficiency and it’s importance for sports performance.

Neuromuscular coordination – what is it and why is it important for all strength, power and endurance sports?

Sustainable Percent VO2 Max – the importance of being able to sustain a high percentage of VO2 Max during endurance events.

The Velocity at VO2 Max (vVO2 Max) – the significance of the VO2 max for endurance exercise performance.

Muscular endurance – a look at the importance of muscular endurance and how to train to improve it.

Fitness Testing – a list of different sports fitness tests.

Different types of strength – a look at the different types and ways to classify strength.

Training to Improve Endurance

Aerobic base training – what is it? And why is aerobic base training one of the most important components of endurance training.

Lactate threshold training – a look at the importance of lactate threshold training. And how to improve your lactate threshold through specific training.

High Intensity Interval Training – a look at the science behind HIIT Interval training. And the best approaches for improving endurance exercise performance.

Strength Training for Endurance – the importance of strength training for endurance. A look at the current recommendations for improving endurance exercise through strength training.

Inspiratory Muscle Training – the science behind using inspiratory muscle trainers to improve respiratory strength, efficiency and exercise performance.

Sports Nutrition Articles

Endurance Nutrition Basics – a look at the basics of sports nutrition.

Carbo-loading – What is carbo-loading? A look at how carbo-loading can be important for endurance athletes.

Carbohydrates during exercise – the importance of consuming carbohydrates during exercise.

Fat intake for Endurance – a look at fat consumption and endurance.

Interval training articles – blog posts looking at the science of interval training.

Strength training articles – our strength training blog articles.

Nutrition articles – articles looking at sports nutrition.


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