Running Intervals

Running intervals are a key part of any successful running formula. They improve aerobic capacity, increase lactate threshold, enhance running efficiency, muscular endurance and fatigue resistance.

The running intervals section contains information on different running interval training workouts, including pacing charts for 1000m, 1200m, 1600m and 2000m 10k pace intervals.

10k Pace Intervals

10k pace intervals are a very effective training method for improving 10k running performance. Find out how and why you should use 10k pace intervals to improve endurance running performance.

10k Intervals Pace Chart

Use the 10k pace chart to get the most from your 10k interval training. Includes recommendations for 10k interval pace targets (both imperial and metric) and recovery pace targets.

10k Pace Running Intervals

vVO2max Intervals

vVO2max interval training is one of the most time effective methods of interval training for runners. Find out why these intervals are so effective for improving running efficiency, aerobic capacity and the velocity at VO2max.

Tempo Intervals

Learn more about tempo intervals. What they are? How they differ from lactate threshold intervals, and different approaches to using these as part of your running training.

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