Half Marathon Training Plan Intermediate

Below is an 8 week intermediate half marathon training plan for runners with a good level of experience of interval and hill training, and who have completed adequate aerobic base training with a history of training a minimum of 30-35miles/week.

Below the training plans is information about recovery periods and target heart rates for each session.

DayWeek 1week 2Week 3week 4
MondayRest Day4M EasyRest DayRest Day
Tuesday3 x 2000m (10k pace)6 x 1000m (5k pace)4 x 1600m (10k pace)6 x 800m (3K pace)
Wednesday7M Steady5M Steady7M SteadyRest Day
Thursday6 x Long Hills30mins @ 1/2Marathon
6 x Long Hills6M Steady
FridayRest DayRest DayRest DayRest Day
Saturday25 min Tempo2 x 10 min Tempo25 min Tempo2 x10 min Tempo
Sunday14M Easy Pace12M Easy Pace14M Easy Pace10M Easy Pace


DayWeek 5week 6Week 7week 8
MondayRest Day4M EasyRest DayRest Day
Tuesday4 x 1600m (10k pace)6 x 800m (3k pace)5 x 1200m (10k pace)6 x 600m (5K pace)
Wednesday7M Steady5M Steady7M Steady4M Easy Pace
Thursday12 x Tempo Hills30Mins 1/2 Marathon
12 x Tempo Hills5 x 800m (1/2 Marathon
FridayRest DayRest DayRest Day3M Easy pace
Saturday25 min Tempo2 x 10 min Tempo25 min TempoRest Day
Sunday14M Easy Pace14M Easy Pace12M Easy Pace1/2 Marathon Race


  • 1) Rest Intervals: 1/2 Marathon/10k pace = 200-400m jog rec, 5k pace = 200-400m jog rec, 3k/mile pace = 400m jog rec
  • 2) Short Hills: 50-60sec up moderate gradient (3k-5k Intensity), jog down rec
  • 3) Long Hills: 1:45-2:00min up moderate gradient (5k-10k Intensity), jog down rec
  • 4) Tempo Hills: See tempo Hill section on Hill training page.
  • 5) Tempo: 10mile race pace – approximately 85-90%HRmax, Recoveries = 2-3 mins
  • 6) Half Marathon Tempo: Half Marathon Tempos: – half marathon pace/estimated pace or approximately 85%HRmax, Recoveries = 2-3mins easy.
  • 7) Steady: Approximately 75-80% HRmax
  • 8) Easy: Approximately 70-75% HRmax
  • 9) Warm-up/cool-down: 1-2miles warm-up and cool down for all interval, hill and tempo training.

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