Maximizing the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes

Strength training benefits endurance athletes

Whilst it’s clear that strength training provides a great benefit to endurance athletes, it can be difficult to incorporate strength training into an endurance training program without causing some disruption to the existing program. This disruption can be minimised, to an extent, by ensuring you perform strength training a couple of days before interval training,

Strength Training – Why it’s important for Endurance Athletes

It always surprises me how few endurance athletes utilise strength training as part of their overall endurance training program. This is unfortunate since there is a large amount of scientific research supporting the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes. Before taking a look at the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes I’ll start by taking a look at some of the concerns endurance athletes commonly have about strength training and try to dispel them.

Plyometric training improves endurance running performance

To run well it takes far more than just running. Sometimes, we have to train in ways that may seem counterintuitive to our normal training focus. One example, is plyometric training – a form of training involving fast explosive jumps, hops, skipping and bounding. On the face of it, running and plyometrics are at opposite