Why endurance runners should practice race day nutrition in training

Whilst runners naturally focus a lot of attention on endurance running sessions, often less attention is placed on practising race day nutrition in the build to important long-distance races such as marathons, or ultra marathons. As an endurance athlete you’ll know the importance of using good nutrition strategies to maximise running performance. Whether this takes the form of energy gels, energy drinks, or foods like a banana, or energy bar, the consumption of regular carbohydrates and sufficient fluids will help to delay fatigue, reduce muscle glycogen depletion, and significantly enhance running performance. However, whilst there are clear benefits to race day fuelling strategies, for some runners there can be a downside in…

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Coffee improves cycling time trial performance

coffee for endurance | caffeine cyclingCaffeine is known to significantly improve endurance exercise performance in a number of endurance sports including running, cycling and triathlon. Most previous research has suggested that consuming caffeine through coffee may be less effective at improving endurance performance than consuming caffeine anhydrous, this was believed to be due to compounds found within coffee called chlorogenic acid which may impair the performance benefits of caffeine. However, a recent study comparing the effects of caffeine, coffee, decaffeinated coffee and a placebo on endurance cycling performance in eight trained cyclists/triathletes found that coffee appeared to be equally effective for improving cycling time trial performance as caffeine anhydrous (Hodgson et al., 2013). (more…)

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