Plyometric training improves endurance running performance

To run well it takes far more than just running. Sometimes, we have to train in ways that may seem counterintuitive to our normal training focus. One example, is plyometric training – a form of training involving fast explosive jumps, hops, skipping and bounding. On the face of it, running and plyometrics are at opposite … Read more

Coffee improves cycling time trial performance

coffee for endurance | caffeine cyclingCaffeine is known to significantly improve endurance exercise performance in a number of endurance sports including running, cycling and triathlon. Most previous research has suggested that consuming caffeine through coffee may be less effective at improving endurance performance than consuming caffeine anhydrous, this was believed to be due to compounds found within coffee called chlorogenic acid which may impair the performance benefits of caffeine. However, a recent study comparing the effects of caffeine, coffee, decaffeinated coffee and a placebo on endurance cycling performance in eight trained cyclists/triathletes found that coffee appeared to be equally effective for improving cycling time trial performance as caffeine anhydrous (Hodgson et al., 2013).

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How to use hill interval training to improve 5km running performance

Looking to improve your 5km running speed? Including regular hill running, as part of a structured training program, is a great way to improve your 5km running speed. Hill running is a highly specific form of strength training for runners, leading to improvements in muscle strength, power, efficiency and running speed. But what type of … Read more

HIIT Workouts: The importance of keeping training progressive

Anyone who trains seriously, knows that to achieve consistent improvements, training must be progressive. One of the easiest ways to do this is to work to a specific exercise intensity. For instance, if you lift weights you might focus on completing a set number of repetitions. And as this becomes easier you increase the resistance … Read more